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1. Preparation of monthly management accounts, including journal postings, accruals & prepayments, monthly reports and balance sheets reconciliations.
2. Managing the day to day transactional finance activities including income audit, AP and AR.
3. Provide support to the service stations in the preparation of annual budgets and weekly & monthly forecasts.
4. Ensuring the accuracy of service stations ledgers and compliance with the accounting practices and procedures as required by corporate policies and procedures, and generally accepted accounting practices.
5. Completion of internal control reviews and taking action to address any weaknesses identified.
6. Providing support to internal and external auditors.
7. Attend & provide financial support & guidance at HOD meetings, as and when required, including payroll meetings and revenue meetings etc.
8. Maximising cashflow performance and managing procedures on inventory, credit & collection, disbursements, deposits and remittances.
9. Identifying opportunities to improve the effectiveness & efficiency of existing processes and procedure.
10. Prepare monthly staff payroll and arrange its payments through WPS after approval by MD.
1. Planning, Studying, and collecting data to determine costs of business activity such as raw material purchases, inventory and labour. Recording cost information for use in controlling expenditures.
2. Validate the cost of goods sold as part of the month-end close
3. Accumulate and apply overhead costs as required by generally accepted accounting principles
4. Construct data accumulation systems for a cost accounting system
5. Create and review the controls needed for data accumulation and reporting systems.
1. Schedule purchases and arrivals: Works with vendors to schedule shipping and delivery times, verify that the correct items and amounts have been delivered. Properly store the material as inventory.
2. Maintain Inventory: Verify current inventory levels and keep records to prevent inventory gaps. Note and update the operations when inventory is low and it is time to order new products.
3. Review and place purchase orders: After receiving approved purchase request, carefully check purchase orders for accuracy, completeness and clarity. Verify that product information, shipping information, cost and delivery dates are all correct. Obtain authorization to place an order.
1. Conduct ongoing process constraint analyses
2. Report on breakeven points by products, business units
3. Report on margins by product and division
4. Report on periodic variances and their causes, focusing in particular on spending variances
5. Analyze capital budgeting requests
6. Perform cost accumulation tasks as a member of the target costing group

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