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تنبية عام: لا تقوم بتحويل اى مبالغ مالية مقابل التوظيف اذا كنت تتقدم لشركة من خلال احدي مكاتب التوظيف نرجوا الاطلاع على ترخيص المكتب وزيارته اذا امكن قبل دفع اى رسوم.

تلفون : 00971+971502110880

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Looking for Equine Veterinarian

Qualifications Required:
• Arabic / English Speaking Male.
• wide range of experience in horse feed
• Examine horses and check their health status
• Diagnose illnesses and determine the best treatment
• Dress wounds of injured horses
• Vaccinate horses to prevent diseases
• Prescribe medication
• Advise owners on nutrition, preventive healthcare and general care
• Arrange fields visits to check horses condition

– Job Type: Full-time
– Location: UAE
– With or Without Driving License
– Salary Range 5K – 6K monthly

Ensure that you have all the required skills and qualifications before you apply.
Send us a detailed CV that must contain:
• Information on your work experience,
• Educational qualifications,

Send your CV at

راجع بيانات البريد على وظفنا دوت كوم

with subject line:
“Equine Veterinarian”

المصدر : موقع وظفنا دوت كوم

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